Dr Finian Fallon – Video series during Covid-19


    Dr Finian Fallon, Dean of Psychology, City Colleges, Dublin. Psychotherapist (MIACP), Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), Member APA, public speaker and lecturer.

    In this video Dr Finian Fallon discusses issues related to separation and attachment, specific to the experiences of frontline workers during the Covid-19 crisis, with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Malie Coyne (see www.drmaliecoyne.ie for more childcare resources.)


    Mind Yourself. Lockdown living: help for life during the Coronavirus crisis. This video offers ideas on how to mind yourself during this challenging time. It includes ideas about managing our need to control things, using our breath to ground ourselves, issues in relationships during lock-in (lockdown), social media engagement, connection with others and also remembering that this is temporary.

    Orientation to Covid for Healthcare and Frontline Workers

    This video is designed to assist healthcare and frontline professionals orient to the Covid-19 impact on elements of health care and support services.



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